The blessing of being able to have virtual camp!

Skits, songs, crafts, games, Gospel presentations, English lessons, challenges, and messages – for the last month we have been consumed with planning, rehearsing, filming, and editing our virtual camps. It has been such a joy to be able to have camp this year, even if it looked very different than anything we have done before. We had two weeks of camp, over 250 people officially sign up, and our videos averaged around 400+ views every day! We know that God moved during these last two weeks and we praise Him for all He did.

We now have begun following up with all the participants from the camp and inviting them to get plugged into our ministry. We pray that many will choose to begin to participate in one of our online Bible studies or discipleship program.

Spiritual development through online studies and discipleship!

One of the biggest, unexpected joys of this pandemic has been our online bible studies and the increase of participation in our discipleship program. We now have 36 online bible studies with over 300 participants. Our leaders are growing and learning so much.  We currently have 70 people who have graduated from the program and are waiting for us to have our next Champions Weekend. Currently, we have 124 students being discipled by 82 different mentors. We pray that they continue to have a hunger for the Word and God’s will for their lives!

Current Needs

  • We have many interns who have come to work with us this summer. They were vital in us being able to put on the virtual camps. We want to continue to be able to have them come and serve with us, but we need more funds for their salaries. 
  • We now have the blessing to begin renting the two office rooms that are next to our current office rooms. This now allows us to have a media studio and a quiet room to do follow-up calls. We are so grateful to have more room to do our ministry more efficiently and effectively! We still need to buy new furniture to put in these rooms. Please pray that God will provide for this increased rental expense. 
  • We have been able to create a media studio and buy some new equipment. We are still in need of a few things, like a new video camera and some studio equipment. This will continue to help us in our goal to create more resources for the local church of Romania.

How you can pray

  • Pray that God would use our online camps! Pray that even though we aren’t with them physically, that we would be able to shine the light of Christ in the homes of hundreds of children across Romania. Pray for the seeds that we have planted would grow and bear fruit as we invite the participants to be a part of one of our other programs such as discipleship and online Bible studies.
  • Pray for our staff to not grow weary of doing good. As we are missing doing our normal events, pray that God would continue to give us passion and vision for the ministry we are doing online.
  • Pray that the students who are being ministered to through our online Bible studies and discipleship program would know Christ and continue to grow in their relationships with Him.