Staying connected after events

We never want someone to attend one of our events and not hear from us again. Camps or Sports Tournaments can often be the mountain top of a young person’s year, but we want to continue to pursue this child as the year continues and not let them fall into a valley. We do this by having consistent, personal, and meaningful follow-up throughout the whole year.

What Happens After an Event

Phone Calls

After events, we call every participant within 24 hours and multiple times throughout the year

Text Messages

We send all participants text messages including reminders, encouragements, and Bible verses


Our staff and volunteers write personal letters to everyone, which we send within one week after the event and throughout the year


We send emails to all participants multiple times a month

The purpose of these contacts are to get the participants to be further connected and plugged into our ministry. One week of camp is great, but what is better is being discipled and connected to a Bible study that meets weekly. This is where the real life-change and accountability happens.

Throughout the Year

We do not only reach out to participants after they attend an event. Our follow-up team sends text messages, emails, letters, and calls every person in our system every two months. We do this to continue to see if there is a way we could serve them, if they want to be involved in any way, or if they would like to attend a future event