Join us in proclaiming the gospel in Romania

What Can You Do?


We lead the campers in age-specific crafts. Our team would love for you to bring craft ideas and activities. We are limited in our availability of craft supplies so please plan to bring all the needed supplies with you.


At camp we have an opportunity to perform skits during our talent show. Each group prepares a skit for this night. You can help by bringing ideas and organizing the campers.


Every member of your team should be prepared to share their testimony to the camp during one of our Chapel services. This is a great opportunity to share your story with the campers.

Chapel Ice Breakers

At the beginning of every chapel service we start out with a fun ice breaker. We would love for your team to bring ideas and lead this activity. These ice breakers should take no longer than 3 minutes and have the opportunity for one representative from each team to compete against each other.

Camper Devotionals

Every day of camp we lead the campers in devotionals and quiet times. We encourage you to come prepared to lead some of these with your co-counselor. The campers are typically very interested in what the American counselors have to say. This is a great way to have a lasting impact on the lives of the campers.


We lead the children everyday in recreation time indoors and outdoors. If you enjoy leading activities or have ideas for fun games, please come prepared to lead the campers during recreation time. We have some recreation equipment but are always open to donations.


Our camp has two worship services a day and would love for you to serve if you are musically talented. Please come prepared to serve on our worship team!

Counselor Devotionals

Every morning we hold a counselor meeting where we include a counselor devotional. Our counselors would love to hear from you and how God is working in your life.


We have two chapel services a day where there is a message at each. If you have been given the spiritual gift of teaching, please consider leading some of the Chapel messages.

Example Camp Schedule

Are you wondering what a week of camp looks like? Check out this example schedule to see all the details of what makes up a week of camp!

Watch this short summary of how you will be able to serve in Romania when you join us as a mission team!

Missions Packet

The Missions Packet contains all the information you need to know about our mission and how you can be apart of our ministry. We invite you to download it and print it out for every participant in the mission team.

If you should have any questions, please write us via our contact page.

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What Others Say

What a tremendous ministry! God has truly blessed Life Romania with a powerful vision and a truly genuine love for their country. You experience that love the second you are in their presence. Iulian and Roxana have a tremendous passion for reaching the youth of Romania with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is not doubt in my mind that these kids will grow up to be light in this dark world by making a difference in their families, their churches and their communities.

Nathan Randel, CEO - Clientvine