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Internship Summary

As an intern, you have a special opportunity to challenge yourself spiritually, physically, and emotionally while at Camp. We want to give you every opportunity possible for you to use your unique spiritual gifts as you minister here in Romania. The following list is a compilation of some of the tasks and responsibilities that the interns do during the summer. We ask you to prayerfully consider which areas you could assist in as you prepare for your trip. Allow the Holy Spirit to stretch you and challenge you through this process and experience.

Intern Expectations

  • Devoted Christ-follower and ready and willing to be pushed out of your comfort zone.

  • Will serve in Romania at one of our camps for three to ten weeks in the summer.

  • Willing to be challenged and stretched by the Holy Spirit.


My internship in Romania was incredible because I learned new skills in communication and also was challenged in my faith and reliance on God. My summer experience was an adventure in trusting the Lord and witnessing Him transform hearts.

Erin Grant, FLORIDA

I served as a summer intern for 5 years now. My time at LifeRomania has grown me in my faith and as an individual so much more than I would have ever expected. God never fails to take my expectations and blow them out of the water to show me something better.

Brittany Bunzey, NORTH CAROLINA

When Iulian originally asked me to consider interning, I said “no.” Thankfully, God worked in my life and made it clear the answer should be yes. I would not trade my summer in Romania for anything. God used that summer to teach me so much. I 100% recommend summer interning to everyone, it will change your life!



  • Responsible for recording all financial transactions and maintaining accurate records.
  • Helps prepare and coordinate registration.
  • Organizes reports on the computer about campers, their information, and if they make decisions for Christ. Interns proficient in Excel will be of great use for this task.
  • Manages the room and counselor assignments.
  • Organizes the general functions and operations of camp and is ready to be flexible with plans.
  • Helps decorate all rooms and chapel as well as the festive lunch.
  • Makes sure the campers feel welcome when coming to camp on the first day by putting welcome letters on their beds, putting the schedule on every door, and by organizing face painting.
  • Participates and helps plan the chapel skits (this includes planning and putting together the costumes needed).
  • Organizes Recreation by planning the games and gathering the needed equipment.
  • Explains the games to the campers with the help of a Romanian translator.
  • Delegates tasks of managing the games to other counselors and interns as needed.
  • Makes sure there is water on the field during games and free time.
  • Encourages and motivates the kids to participate and have fun.
  • In charge of waking the kids up in the morning by playing music and then leading them in morning stretches before breakfast.
  • Manages lights out time and makes sure that all the kids are being quiet and going to sleep when told to.
  • Is prepared to lead the camp in preaching the sermons during morning chapels.
  • Ready to prepare well for the sermons and study the devotional/quiet time booklet.
  • Note that most interns will assist in teaching the morning devotionals with their co-counselors. They will help translate for you and assist you in teaching.
  • Hosts the American teams by preparing welcome baskets, writing welcome and thank you notes, wrapping gifts, and being willing and able to assist the Americans in anything they might need.
  • Shows the Americans around the camp and explains to them what the week will look like.
  • Prepares the meeting room every morning for the counselor meeting by arranging the chairs and organizing the morning snack and coffee table.
  • Always present and available in case the American team has any questions or is confused about anything.
  • Helps the staff with taking photos and videos throughout the week.
  • Helps set up the tech equipment.
  • Manages the sound board for chapel and worship as well as plays music during games and before and after chapel.
  • Makes and runs the slides for the worship lyrics during chapel.
  • Leads the camp toward authentic worship, through modeling and teaching the campers how to worship.
  • Provides guidance in the development and implementation of the highest quality worship possible by working to coordinate instrumentalists and vocalists in groups or as individuals.
  • Plans the schedule of worship at the beginning of the week for the upcoming week of camp and communicates that with the media team.
  • Will provide medical attention to any child or counselor that needs it throughout the week.
  • Will always have the first aid kit with them during rec and free time.
  • Only a position for a pre-health or nursing student.

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