March Highlights at LIFE Romania

Watch our latest update on our March Highlights to hear of how your partnership is allowing us to impact lives! Bible studies, discipleship, visiting churches, creating resources, new staff, and even some covid cases!

We spent many months of writing and developing the new discipleship program. Now, it is such a joy to actually be able to disciple young people with these new materials. Our staff is discipling 24 of our most dedicated past mentors. As they are being discipled, we are also training them on how to mentor in the future.

Alexandra studying
discipleship application

In addition, we are also still working on creating an app for our discipleship ministry. This is a huge goal for us, but we are excited about the possibilities and doors it will open in the future.

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit a town where a few of our counselors live. We were meeting with pastors from the area for us to present our ministry and ways we can partner with them. The goal of our ministry is that every young person we come in contact with would hear the Gospel, be discipled, and equipped to be disciple-makers and leaders. These leaders are perfect examples of that. If you want to hear testimonies or learn more about this great meeting, you can read and hear about it on one of our blog posts.

Iulian and counselor

Did you see our last video explaining our apologetics youtube series? Make sure to check it out to see the work we are doing in equipping the youth to defend their faith!

Counselor cities

We are still organizing online Bible studies led by counselors across the country. Some of the studies that were looking at the life of Abraham are finishing up, while others still have a few more months of studying prayer. We hear testimonies every day about how God is moving in these groups. It is so amazing to see the youth reaching their peers by teaching and serving each other. Our next study will be an inductive bible study over the life of Joseph. You can help us by purchasing a t-shirt which provides four books to participants. A gift for you that blesses us and our youth!

We are so thankful for new staff members who have come to work for us in the last months. One of them is Estera! She is managing our follow-up ministry. This means all the phone calls, texts, letters, and emails we send out. This is a huge part of what we do in seeking to build relationships with current participants or past participants after the event or Bible study they take part in. 

estera working

These last two weeks have looked pretty different than normal. Sadly, a few of our staff members tested positive for covid, including Iulian and his family. It’s been a hard time for our ministry and staff. Iulian and his family are beginning to feel better as well as the other staff members who were sick. However, we had a staff member lose her mother to covid last week. Please pray for Iulia as she is mourning the loss of her mother. 

After the initial worry in seeing who had covid and who felt fine amongst the staff, the rest of us who were still healthy came back up to the office. We have been working these last few weeks to continue to run the bible studies, discipleship, creating videos and resources, and most importantly plan for our summer camps. 

We will have some info coming out soon on specific ways you can partner with us for our summer camps. So stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

We are all so grateful for each of you! What a gift we have that we can partner with you, across the world, all for the same purpose: to reach the next generation for Christ!