Recording Virtual Camp:

A Testimony from a Counselor, Anda

Our Decision to Continue Virtual Camps

Going into this summer as we prepare for summer camps, we have many ideas of how to share the Gospel through camps amidst the covid regulations and rules. It is hard to plan during this season, but again we are trusting that God will lead us as He has proven to us this year. We have ideas for a traveling camp and are still holding out to have a few weeks of traditional camp at the end of the summer, God willing.

virtual camp puppets
virtual camp

However, as we began planning, we all agreed on one thing, that we should definitely continue to have a virtual camp this summer, no matter the circumstances. Last year when this was our only option, we saw the value in producing these online camps that anyone could participate in. The Gospel reached hundreds of homes and even ministered to the parents.

A Busy Week of Recording

So we called 16 of our counselors from across the country to come to help us record for our kids virtual camp and teens virtual camp last week. It was a busy week, but so sweet to spend some time with these counselors. We spent time recording teens worship songs and kids songs with motions, and the counselors learned roles in skits and puppet shows. All the counselors gave their testimony and some of our Evangelistic counselors shared the Gospel. We even had five of our Biblical counselors write and record the messages for the kids camp week. It was really encouraging to see the counselors use the skills and what we have been training them during this last year to share the Gospel through these virtual camps. 

Anda virtual camp

A Testimony from a Counselor, Anda

One of the counselors who was with us was Anda. She is a first-year college student with a gentle and kind spirit. She is the Evangelistic counselor for one of our groups and shared her experience during our week of recording.

I was invited to participate in the filming for the online camp. At first, I was a little reluctant, admittedly. I knew it wasn’t very hard, I just wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the things I had to do. I talked to the parents, however, and they thought it was a good idea, which is why I did not hesitate but accepted the invitation. In the end, I can say that the Lord was the One who directed my steps there. I’m especially glad I chose to go. 

The environment in which I lived for five days was a pleasant and encouraging one. It is an indescribable pleasure to be in the midst of so many young believers, so the atmosphere was delightful for me. The fact that I had clear responsibilities from the beginning helped me focus on what I had to do, and the work was efficient. Working with the people present made everything seem more of a fun, a joy, and not the work itself. By that do I mean that everything was pink and I was not nervous or that everything went smoothly? No! I had moments when I felt overwhelmed by insecurities. Yes, there were moments like that, but looking back I don’t see them as negative experiences, but as those things that made the week real, not just a beautiful dream.

Thus, for me this week was more than I hoped: I created new friendships, I understood myself better, I did new and interesting things and I had wonderful fellowship with other young people who love Him. The Lord Jesus. I am grateful that I was part of such a great experience! I am looking forward to what He is still preparing for me through these exceptional people from LIFE Romania.

Anda is just one of the many young people who will impact many lives by serving God this week. Not only that, but God impacted the counselors’ lives this week as well. Anda was once a camper, went through our discipleship program, is now a mentor and being trained on our new steps by Alexandra, and is a counselor in a Bible study group. Do you see the beautiful cycle of our ministry? This is our hope for every young person who we encounter through our events or Bible studies.