What a beautiful way to start the new year! 2024 brought over 80 youths together for a celebration of new beginnings and Christ-centered decisions! By learning what the key foundations of faith are, they were able to step into the new year ready to begin their journey hand in hand with God!

From quirky activities and fun city challenges to messages filled with deep biblical truths, the winter camp had a lot in store for our participants. The team from Fruit Cove Baptist Church (Florida) came alongside us and, together, we managed to create a memorable week.

Some memorable activities we had were: Brașov Photo Challenge (where campers had to run around the old city of Brașov and take photos to earn points), MasterChef (each team had to prepare a dessert for our jury to taste) and the Reel Challenge (each team prepared a reel based on one of the morning sermons Pastor Tim held – the Blue Team won, having the most likes! Check it out!)

Our guest speaker, Pastor Tim Maynard, spoke about the foundations of a Christian life anchored in Christ. Each sermon was focused around building a good knowledge about each pillar presented, always ending with a challenge of taking a step in the right direction!

The 5 F’s he focused on and their main topics were:

  1. Freed (Ephessians 2:8-10) – The result of our salvation is that we are His work; the work of God, not ours.
  2. Formed (Romans 8:28-30)- The fact that sinners who do not know God can one day be transformed into the image of Christ, by a miracle of grace, is one of the most astonishing truths of divine revelation.
  3. Follow (Matthew 11:27-30) – The goal of faith is not a church, a creed, or a clergy, but the living Christ. Salvation is in a Person.
  4. Filled (Ephessians 5:15-20) – The closer you get to God, the more you realize the need to be filled by Him every day. Being aware of this truth, the perspective on God will be deepened and broadened. With spiritual maturity comes the realization that His fulfillment from one stage of faith is not enough for the next!
  5. Fellowship (1 John 4:11-21) – There is no closer relationship for a person than that in which that person remains in God and God remains within him.

We also thank speakers Teodor Colda, Keaton Adamson and Iulian Avramescu for their powerful messages that encouraged young people in the same direction: live a transformed life!

We had an amazing time together! If you would like to see the camp’s video, click here!