The entire world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including LIFE Romania. For the last two months we have had to halt our normal events ministry of hosting sports tournaments, counselor trainings, MIA College, and other events all over the country. During this uncertain time, we felt led by God to continue ministry by passing the baton to our counselors who we have invested in for years.

75 counselors were interested in being leaders for 25 new online small groups. We have biblical counselors who teach the bible studies each week, spiritual counselors who stay in contact with all the participants and their spiritual walk, and evangelistic counselors who handle the logistics, outreach, and teach the participants how to evangelize. These leaders are students who have been through our 12 Steps of Discipleship program, Champions Weekends, and MIA College – all thanks to your faithful involvement!

We have complete faith that God will speak through them and use these willing servants. However, we want to further equip them. Some of these leaders do not have a study bible or any type of commentary to accompany them as they are preparing lessons. We want to equip these counselors with the best resources we can find, so they are better prepared to reach their friends with the Gospel. This is where you can get involved…

For a one-time gift of $50, you will equip a counselor by providing them with a Romanian study bible, a bible commentary, and a book about teaching bible studies. In addition, we ask that you further invest in this counselor by praying for them and their study weekly, sending them an encouraging message once a month, and sending them a birthday card. There is nothing more encouraging than knowing there are believers across the world praying and supporting our counselors with the same motivation: that the Lord’s name would be known!