2021 Purity Conference

In a year where we have been unable to have events or fellowship with our students in person, being able to host our Purity Conference this last weekend was such a blessing. We had around 70 people attend, following Covid regulations, and they all left so encouraged and challenged. At the same time, our team was so encouraged by them and their eagerness to invest even more in their relationship with Jesus in committing their purity to Him. It is our hope and prayer that each student chooses to run after Jesus with everything they are and that their lives will be a testimony to those around them.

The Topic of “Purity” in Romania

Here in Romania, there are not many people, pastors, or organizations that offer purity conferences or even talk in-depth about the importance of purity. This topic is often considered taboo, but as we all know, young people have questions and they are going to look for the answers somewhere. We want to provide them a place where they can find some of these answers rooted in the Bible. The young people who come are so excited and eager to gather some wisdom from our speakers and time together.

The Event

Most of the young people who we invited to come are counselors in our online Bible studies. It was such a nice opportunity to fellowship with them since many of them we have only been able to be with online. Leaders who teach BIble studies together but live on opposite sides of the country were getting to meet each other face to face for the first time. It is a reminder of how thankful we are for technology and the asset it is to share the Gospel! We also had a group visit from one of our church partners located in the Eastern part of the country. The pastor was so encouraged by the event and said that the students he brought were just amazed by the content we discussed. They had never heard Christian leaders speaking honestly and clearly about these topics.

purity conference students bible study

Overall, we are so encouraged by the next generation, seeing them take that next step in devotion to Christ. Their eagerness to learn, grow, and invest in their peers is why we choose to reach the next generation for Christ! Everything we do is so that they will follow Christ and teach others to do the same. When you pray for us or support us financially, you are investing in these young people and allowing them to hear this message and be challenged to live out their faith. You are impacting the next generation alongside us and making an eternal impact on many young souls here in Romania!


  • Will you pray for the purity of all the young people who came to our event?
  • Please pray for Melody as she is recovering from a cold.
  • Pray for our team who is going to Busteni, Romania to host a youth meeting and lead the Sunday service at a church partner of ours this weekend.


  • There are 9 full-time staff members of our team, besides Roxana and me, and we all need financial partners. Please pray to support nationals that can’t raise their own support but want to serve their people!
  • Who needs financial help the most: Iulia, Alexandra, Emilio, Filip, Ema Serban, Ema Turculet, Estera, and Cristina.