Training and Equipping Every Week

Did you know that your support helps us train and equip our counselors every week? We are so grateful for your generosity and prayers for our ministry and family which allows us to do this! This week, we wanted to share with you a little more detail about what each staff member is teaching the counselors of our Bible studies.

One of the main aspects of our mission statement and at the heart of everything we do is equipping the next generation. With that being said, we consider it of great importance to prioritize not just sharing the Gospel, but discipling them on the other side as well. That is why every week, three of our staff members are training and equipping our counselors to be able to reach their peers through our online Bible study ministry.

alexandra bible studies training

Alexandra trains our counselors who are teaching the Bible studies each week. The Biblical counselors are responsible for preparing the lesson and teaching in the groups. We currently have three different studies going on, so every week she walks them through how to teach the study. This means she is meeting in three different zoom meetings a week to make sure the leaders feel prepared for their lessons. During their time together, they talk about the actual content of the study they are teaching. Not only that, but they also encourage each other with testimonies, stories, and ideas that may help other groups.

In addition to training them how to teach the lesson, she is also equipping the leaders to teach their participants how to have a quiet time and the importance of doing so. We send all the participants a letter with a step by step guide to having a quiet time. Each leader reaches out to the participants of their own groups individually to explain the letter and encourage them to invest time in having a quiet time.

iulia training bible studies

Iulia meets with the evangelistic counselors to teach them how to run the logistics of the group. The evangelistic counselors are responsible for keeping track of attendance, adding people to their group, and promoting their group, They also lead the group in “getting to know you” games and other ice breakers to help create a community. Iulia equips them with ideas and strategies each week during their meeting.

In addition to that, Iulia also trains them on how to teach their participants to share the Gospel with their friends. We have pamphlets that we send all the participants which have the “three-circle” method of sharing the Gospel. We use this method to not just share the Gospel with them, but teach them how to do the same with their friends and family.

emma training bible studies

Ema equips and encourages our spiritual counselors to invest in the lives of their participants by calling them and praying for them. The spiritual counselors are responsible for leading the prayer time of each meeting and being a source of encouragement for the participants. The leaders call each participant every week to check in on them and see if there is a way that the group can be praying for them.

Ema is also teaching the leaders not only how to share their testimonies, but how to teach others to share their testimonies. Every week in the Bible studies someone shares their testimony with the group. This is a great way to equip them and encourage them to share their story with their friends as a means to share the Gospel.

Will you pray?

These meetings happen every week where they are being equipped, but also encouraged by each other and all that God is doing in their different groups. We are thankful for each leader’s willingness to take the time to lead these Bible studies. There is no way we could reach this many young people without their faithful help and dedication! Would you join us in praying for our staff members who are pouring into these young leaders, and the counselors themselves as they seek to reach their peers with the Gospel? We have faith that God will bless their commitment and sacrifice as we are already seeing the fruit of their ministry.