2021 Vision Report

Read about our vision for 2021 in our latest report

We serve a big God, which allows us to have big dreams and an even bigger vision. We plan to continue our online development and ministries as we move forward into the new year, but believe God wants us to expand our ministry to have three camps run simultaneously in Summer 2021, with the plans to add another location every 2-3 years. This expansion means we will be able to reach even more youth’s hearts and minds with the Gospel, transforming their lives, and in turn growing the local churches. 

We want you not to see a new location as just another camp. Think about the larger amounts of young people who will come in contact with us and our ministry. They will not just come to camp, but will be welcomed into our ministry as we follow-up with them and invite them to further participate with us. Our prayer is that they would develop spiritually through our discipleship program, and develop leadership skills as they serve with us. In the end, these mature believers will be able to pour into their local churches and be soul-winners in their communities and own circles. 

As we continue to expand our ministry, it is our hope and prayer that these students will be the next generation, not only of our ministry, but of Christian leaders in Romania and the world! This additional camp location is just the first stepping stone in seeking to continue to advance the Gospel in Romania