It has been two months since our time with DBSM in western Romania serving the local community. We are still overwhelmed by how God worked during that week. We were able to make connections with people from the community, share the Gospel, and serve with joy from the Lord. One of the biggest blessings that came out of this week was the strengthened partnership with Denton Bible Church and specifically their student ministry. We have been so grateful to partner with Denton Bible Church in the past with a Winter Camp and many MIA Colleges. Thanks to DBC, our students are educated in seminary-level courses, prepared to reach their circle of friends with the Gospel. 

This was our first time to partner with the Student Ministry of Denton Bible and it was such an encouraging week. During their time in Romania, the world began to experience how drastic and serious the COVID-19 virus was and what the needed precautions were. Even with this crazy turn of events regarding the virus, last minute changes, and the need to be extremely flexible God proved His sovereignty. Students from DBSM and Romania’s lives were changed. But the best way to hear about how God moved in these students lives are from the students themselves. Hear from Jenna Armstrong, a student from Denton Bible Church, and how she saw God transforming lives, even hers through the LIFE Romania – DBSM mission trip.