Stay Up to Date on our New Praises and Requests


  • We have finished developing our new discipleship program and materials and are excited to start using it with our students. 
  • We are thankful to be reconnecting through our follow-up ministry with many people who have not been involved in our ministry lately. We are encouraged by their response and willingness to get more involved. 
  • Our Bible studies are continuing to multiply which means more young people are hearing the Gospel! 
  • My daughter, Melody, is feeling better. We appreciate all of you who prayed for her. 

Prayer Requests: 

  • Pray for our discipleship program as we begin to implement the new lessons we developed. Pray that our mentors would be eager and willing to lead their disciples through the new program. 
  • Pray for the 100+ new disciples who will begin the steps this month. Pray that their eyes would be open to the Gospel.
  • Pray for our online Bible studies that are continuing to multiply. Pray for the leaders to continue to have energy and dedication. Pray that the participants would hear and respond to the Gospel and experience Christian community, even if it is virtual. 
  • Pray for our media team as they continue to develop videos, our websites, and many other projects. Pray that God would inspire them and that they would have vision to tell the story of what God is doing here in Romania through these various creative outlets. 
  • As this year comes to a close, pray that people will think of us and our ministry in their year-end giving.
  • Pray for the health of our staff and families. As Europe experiences an increase in COVID-19 cases, we pray that God will continue to protect us and keep us safe. 
  • Pray for our staff to have a big vision for what God is doing through our ministry and commitment and diligence to make it happen every day. 


  • We were able to add two more rooms to our office space. However, we still need to raise $500/month to cover the expense of our increased rent. 
  • We are planning on purchasing two new cameras as our ministry is expanding. This will be a large expense, but a necessary one to help us continue to promote and capture all the work God is doing. 
  • We need more funds for the salaries of new staff members. We are looking to expand our staff as we are in need of more help ministering to our youth.
  • We need more funds to pay for our online development. We have to use more online platforms that cost more money and even have dreams of creating an app or new website for our discipleship program.