New Apologetics Video Series

Challenging Young People to Defend their Faith

Our Counselors Serving Across the Country

If there is one thing this year has taught us, it is to always listen to God as he leads and guides you. Around this time last year, we felt God leading us to challenge the student leaders of our ministry to lead their own Bible studies as counselors. We were not sure what the response would be. Yet, they responded with courage, faith, maturity, and joy to begin these studies. Now we have around 30 Bible studies and almost 90 leaders ministering in 44 different cities and towns across the country. All praise be to God!

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Listening to God’s Leading: Apologetics Series

The counselors and participants are continuing to learn more about the Bible from studying it weekly. Yet with this, they are now beginning to ask more questions. So just as we listened to God leading us to begin online studies, we have now heard His calling to educate them on how to defend their faith. This gave birth to our new youtube series, ApoloMIA. This is a play on words with “Apologetics” and “MIA”, the name of our Romanian ministry standing for Mission in Action. 

Every two weeks Emilio and I post a new video discussing another Apologetics topic. Topics such as, “Why do I believe in Jesus”, “Creationism vs. Evolutionism”, “Why I believe the Bible is true”, or even “Religion vs. Faith”. The reception of these videos has been great, with hundreds of views on each video and with many of our counselors and participants sharing the videos on Facebook and Instagram. It is our hope, that they will be used as a tool for these young people as they ask questions, but also as they share their faith with others. 

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Lori and Iulian

Testimony: How Lori used ApoloMIA in her Public School

We are so encouraged by an amazing testimony from one of our counselors on how she used our “Why I Believe the Bible” video as part of a presentation she chose to give to her class over the History of the Bible. She goes to a public High School and even though she was nervous, used this project as an opportunity to witness to her classmates and her teacher. After her presentation, everyone had an incredible reaction, asking questions and saying they were impressed and encouraged by her project and our ApoloMIA video. We are so proud of Lori and how she had the courage to share her faith in her classroom, a place where the only religion that is discussed is ritualistic orthodox theology. Even when she could have chosen an easier topic, she chose to step out and share the Gospel with her classmates and teacher.

A Valuable Investment

These are the young people we are reaching with this video series and hoping to impact. Young people are learning theology, growing in apologetics, and practicing it by sharing it with their friends. When we look at all the things we could be doing, we are thankful God led us to invest our time in a project like this. We are not satisfied with just sharing the Gospel once with a young person and hoping the seed sprouts. We are called to continue to invest, meaning spending time and energy, to ensure that these young people are growing, being discipled, and are learning how to defend their faith and be witnesses in their circles. 

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