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Birth of the Studies

At the beginning of the pandemic, our ministry was faced with a challenge we never have faced before: how do we minister to youth without our typical events?

In the past, our ministry has been rooted in the events we hold throughout the year. Summer camp, winter camp, sport tournaments, champions weekends, and MIA college. This is what we did throughout the year to serve kids, youth, and the local church. This was the way we got to know young people and continue to disciple them after the event was over. However, with Covid, we had to reevaluate all that we did.

bible studies bible studies


Our Bible studies are currently online through the zoom platform. However, we plan for them to continue in person once the regulations are lifted. Each group is led by three counselors: the Biblical counselor, the Evangelistic counselor, and the Spiritual counselor.

Evangelistic Counselor

This counselor manages the logistics of the group. They work to promote the group, keep attendance, and operate as the “host” of the group. In addition, they also teach all the participants individually how to share the Gospel. We use the “three circle method” as a way for them to share the Gospel with their peers. If the participant isn’t a Christian, this is a great time for the leader to share the Gospel with them one-on-one. 

Biblical Counselor

This counselor is the leader who teaches the lesson each week. They prepare throughout the week to lead the group through the Bible study our team has decided for them to study. Essentially, this counselor is the main leader of the group. They also teach the participants of their group how to have a quiet time and it’s importance.

Spiritual Counselor

This counselor serves as an encourager and prayer leader for the group. They ensure that the participants feel connected to the group and included. This leader leads the group in prayer each meeting and calls each participant individually throughout the week to see check-in with them and see how the group can be praying for them. They also teach each participant how to share their testimony and have one share with the group each week.

Long-Term Vision

These groups have been such a great opportunity for our ministry to reach even more young people consistently. By us training leaders to minister to their peers, more youth are being impacted by the Gospel on a weekly basis rather than only a few times a year or if they choose to participate in our discipleship program.

We plan to continue these groups even when the pandemic fades away. Our vision is for these groups to develop leaders who can begin to plan and host “youth meetings” with their group members and other youth from their community. Essentially, we want these leaders to become the “youth leaders” of their local churches who do not have anyone ministering specifically to young people.


Do you want to partner with us in providing study books for each participant of our studies? Every 6 weeks we send a new study book that the groups are going through. This becomes a big expense for our ministry. You can make a special donation towards this here or purchase a t-shirt and provide four books for our groups!

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