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Live Q&A Series Resource

As teens, we were all filled with many questions that we did not know where to find the answers to. Maybe the Bible didn’t have an explicit answer or the answer the world gave us seemed much more enticing. As a ministry that works with youth, we see every day that young people these days are bombarded with so much information that either “answers” their questions or gives them more questions. However, very little of this is given with a Biblical worldview or perspective.

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Q&A resource

Therefore, this was the inspiration for our latest series: iQuestion. We hosted three nights of a live Q&A on Facebook and Youtube for anyone to view this resource and ask questions about faith, theology, and life. During the event, we were amazed by the turnout and the over 100 questions that were asked. These young people are thinking and they have great questions. At the same time, we are encouraged by their willingness to ask these questions and learn. In the end, we had such a great turnout that we were unable to answer all the questions. So we decided to make the live Q&A a weekly event as long as we keep having more questions.

Growing Youtube Channel

We post videos weekly on our Youtube channel to provide resources, tell stories of how God is moving, and highlight events. We post on the same channel for both our Romanian and American audiences. In the last month, we had 62 new subscribers, 10,000 total views of resources, and 27,000 minutes watched on our channel! This is such a great testimony to see how far our reach is in our country and around the world! 




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Our Staff Walking the Walk of Discipleship

Currently, we have 27 mentors being discipled by our staff members. Iulian, Alexandra, Emilio, Ema, and Iulia are all faithfully discipling these young leaders and teaching them how to disciple better. It’s an exciting time to see these leaders growing and learning. Please pray for them and their future ministry as mentors.

Filming for Virtual Camp

This year we are unsure what this summer will look like. However, with the current unknown, we have decided to continue to produce another year of virtual camp no matter what happens. Last summer,  this was the only way we could have camp. Afterward, we saw the value in producing a virtual camp that is extremely accessible to so many. Our camp, full of the Gospel messages, songs, and activities, was in homes across the country. So if we are able to have a physical camp or not, we think that virtual camp is a great investment and opportunity for people to view our resources.

You can see an example of our virtual camp from last year here!

Next week, we will have around 15 of our counselors traveling from across the country, some even taking a 10-hour train ride to get here, to help us record for the virtual camp. We will be recording around 10 skits and puppet shows, music for kids and teens, testimonies, messages led by our counselors, and many more activities. As you can imagine, this will be a very busy week rehearsing, preparing, filming, and managing! Therefore, please pray for us and our young leaders who are so willing to help us. In addition, you can also pray that God would be glorified through our online camps and that many would participate and hear the Gospel. 

Blessing to Receive a Donation for Tires

As many of you know, we have two vans that allow us to travel all over the country of Romania to do ministry and meet with church partners. If it were not for these vans, we would not be able to do even a fraction of what we currently do. We were blessed these last few weeks by a few people who graciously donated enough money for us to buy new tires for both vans.

Needs like van maintenance and office upkeep often feel like pesky ministry needs when we want your money to go directly to sharing the Gospel and developing leaders. However, these needs are just as important. These tires will literally take us to minister to hundreds of people in the next months. The printer, which we are always buying new toner and paper for, will print hundreds of letters. These letters train participants how to have a quiet time, share the gospel, or tell their testimonies. In reality, these are all tools that allow us to do the ministry God has called us to do. We thank God for each of you who have chosen to support these areas financially. You can always keep up with our ministry needs on our website.

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