Reconnecting with campers and supporting local church plants

When we are not in camp season, one of the ways we stay on mission is to organize weekend sport tournaments 10-15 times a year throughout the country in partnership with our church plant partners.  Specifically, our goal is to not only reconnect with campers for fellowship and encouragement but also to draw in their friends and family so that we can introduce them to the local churches in their area, thus building up the local church.  

What is a Sport Tournament?

film sport tournaments


First, we host a games and movie night at the church we are partnering with. We invite all participants to come to watch a Christian movie followed by a Gospel presentation regarding the film.

ball soccer sport tournaments


Then, our team hosts a soccer or volleyball tournament in the community. During the lunch break, we have a counselor share their testimony, a skit sharing the Gospel, and a short message with a Gospel presentation.

sport tournaments coup trophies podium


Lastly, all participants are invited to church and afterward, we award the winners with prizes. Often this is the first time many of the youth have been to church and frequently, it’s one of the largest attended services for the church of the year.

Our hope and prayer for sport tournaments is that they will be an opportunity to connect lost young people with the local church. We train and equip the faithful young people from these areas to be able to host their own sport tournaments or youth meetings on their own. These leaders are the ones who continue to disciple those who are saved at the sports tournaments. They continue the work we begin in these cities by being disciple-makers and connectors to the church.

Sport Tournaments crowd youth

Follow-Up After Sport Tournaments

Our connection with participants does not end after one weekend. We work hard to be in constant communication with our students to cultivate meaningful relationships starting the day after they leave the sport tournament. During the year, we give each student individual attention and it is our goal that no student is left behind or forgotten.


After sport tournaments, we call every participant within 24 hours and multiple times throughout the year.


We send all participants text messages including reminders, encouragements, and Bible verses.


Our staff and volunteers write personal letters to everyone, which we send within one week after the event.

The Next Step: 12 Steps of Discipleship

We invite all participants that want to grow even more in their faith to participate in “The 12 Steps of Discipleship” program in which they develop spiritual disciplines and learn how to be disciples who make disciples.


What does a trip look like?

We are looking for individuals and teams who are willing to coach, preach, and lead activities & group studies. You will arrive on the Wednesday or Thursday before the weekend. First, we will take you to do some sightseeing, and then arrive at the Sports Tournament location on Friday. In the community, we will begin by doing door-to-door evangelism and invite people to the tournament. Saturday will be spent hosting the tournament, doing crafts and other activities, and presenting the Gospel. On Sunday, we will invite all the participants to the local Church to worship and receive their diplomas. Lastly, on Monday we will take you to do some more sightseeing and then you can return home on Tuesday morning.