The last week has been fantastic! 46 participants completed courses 4 and 8 of the BTCP Program! We want to say a huge thank you to Jeremy Pope for teaching these courses in such an insightful way!

During our time together, we were challenged to study the Bible correctly and efficiently. Our teachers, Jeremy Pope and Iulian Avramescu, taught us the principles of studying and teaching the Word, as well as the importance of grammatical interpretation. They made sure that we had a thorough understanding of everything we needed to know in order to explore the Scripture on our own. ​

Course 4: Preaching the Bible Messages

This course is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge on how to prepare and deliver Biblical messages in an expository style. The goal is to ensure that these messages remain true to the Bible while also meeting the needs of the audience. The course places a special emphasis on training preachers and crafting effective messages, with plenty of practical examples and topics covered.

Our students experienced the pressure preachers feel when preparing a message, and through this, learned to appreciate them more!

Course 8: Principles and methods of teaching

Church leaders and pastors are equipped with skills to effectively teach God’s Word, emphasizing their role as teachers and the biblical goal of teaching. The central truth that this course follows is that the student must teach the Word so people can grow to maturity in Christ!

We also prepared a week highlight for you to watch! Check it out below!