July Ministry Report

The book, “Teaching to change lives”, helped me, as a  counselor not in just one way, but in many ways. But for the most part, it made me realize how important a personal relationship is with your students, a thing that I have struggled with before, even in summer camp. Every time I got close with a camper and became friends, he immediately opened up to the gospel. This happened to me in the Bible study group in which I serve as well. I am friends with everybody, and we all talk to each other, but I am really good friends with one guy who is not a Christian. He is the student who is most interested in studying. He recently started praying, and he keeps on growing in his understanding of the Gospel and his walk towards faith. So I see now how important that personal relationship is, and the book opened my eyes to this.

Coni, 18 years old

Testimonies like the one above from one of our counselors, Coni, is why we do what we do every day. Your support is so appreciated to allow us to continue to impact lives with the Gospel even during this pandemic.

July was a full month as we returned to meeting together at the office. We prayed for peace, guidance, and discernment regarding when we should return and felt the Lord leading us back to meeting together. This virus has reminded us of the small things we should be thankful for, like merely meeting together in the same room.

Summer camp season isn’t cancelled, it’s just beginning!

It is a sad time for all of our staff as this is the first time in twelve years we have not been at camp during the summer. In the past, camps have been the heartbeat of our ministry. They give us energy and passion that we feed off of during the rest of the year. They bring many new young people every year who then pursue God more through our ministry. It really is our favorite time of the year spending so much time pouring into the lives of young people and getting to minister alongside our friends from the US. For the purpose and reason that God only knows, we are now being led to learn how to keep this passion ablaze when ministering from afar. We are seeking to pour into these young people through online platforms and by giving them opportunities to lead and step out.

Even though we can’t have camp in person, we are very excited to be working towards our Online Zoom Camp happening in the week of August 17th! We plan to continue to share the Gospel and display the exciting adventure of living a life with Christ through our online camp. Please pray for us and those who will attend! Pray that God would stir hearts and that many will come to know Christ for the first time.

Our online Bible studies are multiplying!

Our online Bible studies have been going great during these last twelve weeks. We have almost 100 counselors leading 33 online groups. Many of these groups are new groups that are being led by participants of the initial bible studies. It is a joy to see these groups multiplying and these students living out 2 Timothy 2:2! This week we just sent out new books that many of the groups will be going through in their studies, as well as a counselor’s manual that serves as a guide to them as they are leading these studies. The manual also teaches them some spiritual leadership principles that they can apply to all aspects of their lives.

Current Needs

  • We are thankful for our increase in staff, but that means an increase in office expenses for their salaries. Pray that God will provide the funds for their salaries and our increase in office expenses. 
  • We sent out another resource to all the participants and leaders of our Bible studies – a devotional book that they will be going through in their studies. We are still lacking $1,600 to finish paying for the books and the shipping. Please pray that God will provide for this gap in funds.
  • We are hoping to buy new media equipment such as a new video camera, and studio equipment. This will help us in our goal to create more resources for the local church of Romania.

How you can pray

  • Pray for our online camps! Pray for us as we plan and prepare and pray for the participants; that God would change hearts and lives!
  • Pray that we would continue to have a bright passion for God, His Word, leading our counselors, and the different ministry we are currently doing.
  • Pray that the students who are being ministered to through our online Bible studies and discipleship program would know Christ and continue to grow in their relationships with Him.