We’re midway through camps, and suddenly all the counselors are together in one location. The chapel is no longer rows of chairs and is now rearranged into tables with chairs surrounding them. Counselors sit in those seats with journals and pens in hand, ready to take notes on the lessons taught.

MIA College took place from July 9-14, and we were blessed to have Dave James, Steve and Jan Harmon, and Jim Shannon joining us as instructors. We spent the week taking six hours of classes, an hour and a half of evangelism in Chindia Park, and of course some free time to bond as counselors.

In the mornings, Dave James taught us about God’s Plan Through the Ages. We walked through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation and learned about how God establishes His Kingdom of Righteousness. We looked through the Bible in terms of dispensationalism. This way of looking at the Bible broke it up into seven dispensations, or seven phases. We talked about the pattern of God’s judgement and His provision of grace.

We also had two morning chapels lead by Dave James. He first talked to us about integrity. We were focused in Proverbs, and we talked about how integrity is lost a little bit over time and not overnight. The other chapel we had with him focused on Matters of the Tongue. We focused on Proverbs for this chapel as well, talking about controlling our tongues, knowing what to say and when to say it, and being filled with wisdom and the desire to do good. Both of these topics were helpful for building our characters.

In the afternoons, we talked with Jim Shannon about the Four Fields of Kingdom growth. These lessons were centered around discipleship and evangelism, and they equipped us for being able to effectively share our faith. We learned about what was on the Father’s heart, the four fields of growth, the seven commands of Jesus, the three circles, and the 4-1-1. These are all things that each counselor can implement both at camp and in their everyday lives with friends and family.

The lessons that we learned were then applied each night after dinner as we went to Chindia Park to prayer walk and share the Gospel. We spend the first night prayer walking, and the third night we worshipped in the middle of the park after having walked around and shared the Gospel. We had some people make decisions to follow Jesus, and we gave their contact to a local church who partnered with us. It was awesome to get to see the counselors using what they learned to share the Gospel with strangers.

MIA College wrapped up with a test and saying goodbye to each other as we had a team of counselors head to our third camp location, Cralovat, some counselors heading home, and the rest stay in Targoviste for three more weeks of camp. Please continue to pray for us while we continue to pour into campers in the next three weeks in Targoviste and four weeks in Cralovat!

written by: Brittany Bunzey

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