Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy

Small Town American Boy Impacts Europe

Born in a small town in the West Virginia coal fields... son of a coal miner... my story begins in a humble setting. I was not raised in a Christian home, but, I did have the influence of a Godly grandmother.

At age 14 my life was impacted when my father and mother received Christ which eventually led to my own conversion at age 15... changing my life forever. A year later, at 16, attending a youth camp I dedicated my life to Christ at a campfire... setting the course of my life to do whatever God would have me to do.

At 21, I married Lynne Stanley and we have served the Lord together ever since.

Sports, particularly basketball and baseball, have been an avid interest of mine along with reading, writing, travel, and hiking. My desire to travel and my interests in reading included European history led me to Europe.

After various experiences in the United States working with young people, adults, families… we were led of God to move to Europe at age 39.

What a joy it has been to lead thousands of Europeans to Christ. I truly love people… I enjoy putting smiles on their faces… giving them hope… making an impact upon their lives. Simply said, I love it!

Still living my testimony as God is not finished with me yet. At this age and stage, I am still speaking to hundreds of young people or adults, sometimes thousands… still singing solos… and doing something that I thoroughly enjoy—mentoring young adults developing their passion and helping them fulfill their dreams. Once again, I love it!

Eric Murphy
Executive Director
Life Impact For Eternity