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Ways to minister at Camp MIA

We thank you for your commitment to Camp MIA and we appreciate all of your prayers and your heartfelt intentions to do God's work. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 12 that, as believers, we are all endowed by the Holy Spirit with certain gifts. At Camp MIA we want to give you every opportunity to use your unique spiritual gifts to minister while you are here. To that end, we have prepared the following list to help you prayerfully consider where you can serve. Please do not limit your choices to just one or two. Allow the Holy Spirit to stretch and use you in ways that only He can. If you are depending only upon your own natural desires and abilities then you are likely limiting what the Holy Spirit can accomplish through you. Be open to new challenges and new experiences and you just might find that you are learning more than you are teaching.


We always attempt to offer age-specific crafts for children ages 7-13 or 14-18. If you are coming during a week where we are ministering to either of these age groups you may want to consider coming up with your own craft ideas and bringing the materials with you. In Romania we are somwehat limited in our choice of available craft supplies. However, we have found activities such as making bracelets, purses, or painting t-shirts to be very popular with the children.


At Camp MIA we have a special evening when each group performs a skit or a pantomime. Each counselor is responsible for preparing and rehearsing a skit with their group of campers. You could help by coming up with several skit ideas and helping the counselors prepare their groups.


Romanian children love motion songs and they also love learning and practicing their English. You can help us by coming prepared to teach them a few songs about Jesus in English-the more hand and body motions the better. It would also be helpful if you could bring copies of the English lyrics that we could keep for use at future camps.

Indoor Activities

We always need to be prepared for inclement weather. You could help us by bringing your ideas for entertaining the children indoors. Popular activities include card games, board games, magic tricks, movies, etc. Any items that you could bring with you would be greatly appreciated. Just remember to tailor your choices to the age group to which you will be ministering.

Camper Devotionals

Each day of camp we have a quiet time and devotional with the campers. Each Romanian counselor is responsible for his/her own group. However, they would greatly enjoy and appreciate your participation. And don't worry about the language barrier. Many will speak English and interpreters will be available.


Each of our group sessions begin with singing and worship. If you can sing or play an instrument we would love for you to come prepared to share with us.

Outdoor Activities

Depending upon the weather and the facilities available at each location, we always offer a variety of outdoor competitions and activities (hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, contests, group games, etc.) At a minimum, we would love for you to participate with us. But if you have some ideas of your own for some fun, age-specific group activities, we would love to hear them. Donations of sports equipment are always welcome.


We generally have two chapel services each day. If the Lord has given you an insight that you would like to share with us, you may want to consider delivering the message at one or more of these services. The message should be Biblically-based, age-appropriate, and between 15-20 minutes in length. A computer and projector will be available should you choose to use a PowerPoint presentation. It would be a good idea to get with your team leader to coordinate which members of the team might be available for speaking. In addition, each member of your team should be prepared to share his/her testimony at some point during the week. Hearing how you came to Christ will be very interesting and encouraging to us and to the children. These testimonies should be no longer than 2-3 minutes.

Counselor Devotions

Each morning before the campers are awake the counselors gather for a short devotional. It would be a blessing to us if you would consider giving one of these devotionals while you are here. It should be something encouraging and should be no more than about 10 minutes.

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